How The Film Came About

Clay Walker and Richard Montague Trinity Church – Wall St, NYC 2014

From the outset of the Project I committed to filming (video) as much as possible. Since I had no idea what twists and turns the Project might take I wasn’t sure what story I might tell on film, besides, I already had my hands full writing and performing the play.

With simple handheld cameras and my phone I captured footage from meetings, interviews, rehearsals, events, and play performances.   I’d setup the camera, turn it on and go about my business hoping I remembered to turn everything on.  I once filmed an entire performance from side-stage and forgot to turn on the mic.  Fortunately once performances began in 2014 a professional videographer came onboard and technical snafus lessened; sadly tech problems never disappear, they only seem to get more complicated!  If nothing else, I’d have video documentation of the entire Project with the option to consider a documentary film later.

In July 2014 with videographer Richard Montague in tow, I traveled to New York City to film at several locations a few days before a performance of My Brother Kissed Mark Zuckerberg in my hometown in upstate New York.  While in the City we met-up with Clay Walker the man who took the now infamous photo of David being arrested in 1988.

Standing  in front of  Trinity Church, where David was arrested, an idea popped into my head … Footnote is the result.  Footnote traces the remarkable legacy of a photograph and a promise.  It is an inspiring true story of love and devotion, courage and conviction.

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