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Little did I know back in 2012 when I started The David Serko Project that in five years time I would complete a play, a film, and a book… a trilogy.  None of this was planned, I never set out to do any of them… it just happened.  Every facet of the process has been thrilling, pushing me in new directions, testing me in every way imaginable.   

Each element in the trilogy allowed me to tell this story in a slightly different way.  This book is perhaps the most important element  simply because it’s the most accessible.  Sit down, pick it up and read… it’s all there self-contained, no ticket to purchase, no technology required.

… The book follows almost word for word the script from my solo-performance play “My Brother Kissed Mark Zuckerberg”.  I changed a few words here and there and rearranged a couple of the scenes but otherwise it remains true to the script.  The eleven poems woven into the play appear separate from the narrative text, they were the foundation of the script, the “heart” of the story.

… My dream is that one day a great grandchild will discover this book and marvel at the love and devotion it represents.  And just maybe find a connection, like I did, with those four simple words: listen to your heart.

Peter Serko
November 2017



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