The Plays

The Plays

Three Plays!

Evolving out of the Project were three plays, two solo performance shows, and one multi-character play.  Why three different plays?  Well… I wanted to figure out a way for the story to continue beyond me as the performer, I was looking for something that might endure beyond me.  Below find the info about each version.

What Audiences Are Saying…

“I was mesmerized, captivated, deeply moved, downright blown away.” ♥ “you took my breath away.” ♥ “the writing was incredible.” ♥ “I fell a little in love with both David and you. Thank you for this beautiful story.”

My Brother Kissed Mark Zuckerberg (the original solo performance play)

A dying man’s final wish sets in motion his brother’s twenty-year quest to fulfill that wish. The solo performance play, My Brother Kissed Mark Zuckerberg is the story of that journey.  Based on a true story, the media-rich and often humorous play touches on universal aspects of the human condition offering a powerful message of hope and inspiration. 

Performance History:
February 2014
Dukesbay Theater Tacoma, WA
April 2014
Vashon Allied Arts New Works Series Vashon, WA
July 2014
Cider Mill Playhouse  Endicott, NY
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🎥 ACT 2

My Brother Kissed Mark Zuckerberg  Version II

Set in the future, the play begins with an elderly man carrying a large box of photographs and other memorabilia gathered many years earlier while writing a play about his younger gay brother, David, who died of AIDS in 1992 at age 32.  Due to old age and illness, he must move from his home and faces the prospect of disposing of these cherished items.

Sorting through the memorabilia he finds a letter written to his brother just weeks before his brother’s death, a letter he never sent.  Reading the letter aloud he realizes for the first time that the letter foretold of the remarkable events that came to pass in his brother’s final days, even predicting the circumstances that led to the creation of the play some twenty years later.  Heartened by this realization and inspired by the photos, he joyously tells stories of his brother’s life, their final days together, and the fulfillment of his brother’s final wish. 

Performance History:
October 2015
Museum of Glass Tacoma, WA (part of the Tacoma Art Museum’s Art, AIDS, America exhibition)
Pacific Lutheran University  Tacoma, WA
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OUT! takes the version II story above and has actors play the characters central to the story. The play features 6 characters with the addition of a new character to the original story, Ellen the head nurse on the hospital AIDS ward.

Performance History:
December 2019
Vashon World AIDS Day commemoration
Staged Reading
Vashon Island High School Theater  Vashon, WA

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