The David Serko Project

Play Credits

The Plays:

My Brother Kissed Mark Zuckerberg

Conceived and written by: Peter Serko
Performance: Peter Serko
Production media: Peter Serko
Script consultants (dramaturge):  Bryan Willis, Kevin Jones, and Brian Desmond

Production Staff:

Beth Steele, Henry Loughman, Peter Serko, Brian Desmond, Jill Heineke

2014 Production

Brian Desmond – Director
Henry Loughman – Technical Director – Set Design
Beth Steele – Lighting Design
Jill Heinecke – Stage Manager

2015 Productions

Richard Montague – Director – January 2015
Dante Fields – Stage Manager – January 2015

My Brother Kissed Mark Zuckerberg II

Michael Barker – Director


December 2019
Written by Peter Serko
Chris Boscia – Director
Kevin McMurdo
Dedre Whitt Dakota
Alma Villegas
Gabriel Dawson
Cate O’Kane
David Mielke