The David Serko Project

Peter Serko

With no theatrical background whatsoever, Peter finds himself in the unlikely position of writing and performing his first play at age 60.  He has had anything but a straight career path over the years.  Trained as a family counselor, Peter decided to change direction and become a stay-at-home dad in the early 1980s after the birth of his first child Lorean.  Thirteen years and two children (Alice and Michael) later he started a new career in Information Technology with no training other than an interest in the field.

In his mid-fifties, Peter developed an interest in photography and in short order gained recognition and accolades for his work. His work has appeared in corporate publications, magazines, CD and book covers, museum exhibits, and corporate art collections.

In recent years Peter has been actively involved in increasing awareness of the historical context of HIV/AIDS among young people.  He is the creator and producer of World AIDS Day commemorations that focus on raising awareness among teenagers by engaging them in a variety of educational experiences. Find out more:

Peter credits his success to his brother David and his wife of forty-one years Sue.  Self-taught in just about everything he has done, Peter continues to push boundaries with My Brother Kissed Mark Zuckerberg, OUT!, and his film Footnote.

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